Fashion is much more than the clothes you choose to wear: it’s the face the world sees, the most immediate expression of who you are and what you are all about.

Possessing “Style” - that certain something - takes a discerning eye,
a solid understanding  of oneself and an awareness of the image
you wish to project.

In a world of endless choices, I will help you cut through the fashion clutter to find the clothes and accessories that will faithfully convey your personality, lifestyle, and good taste. Working together, we will create a stylish, up-to-date, practical wardrobe, with clothes for every occasion, at a surprisingly affordable cost. We’ll take a look at your closet and discard or donate outfits that don’t work, then mix, match and enhance the items that do. If need be, we’ll fill in your wardrobe with carefully chosen essentials, and timeless classics you’ll be wearing for years to come. We’ll also add some fun novelty items that will give your look distinction and “flair.” And when special occasions call for something simply spectacular, I can help with that too.

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Fashion can be bought - style one must possess.”  

                                          – Edna W. Chase

It takes courage, wit, resourcefulness and discipline to create a personal style with ease and confidence.

Empowering women to create, evolve, enhance and express their personal style.